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If you missed Tech N9ne at this week’s #TurntableTuesdays let me tell you, it was pretty magical! Tech N9ne played songs from all kinds of different genres and according to his blog he did it all “Despite being in a morphine-induced stupor due to the intense pain fromtwo cracked ribs” OMG!…


We’ve got some new office decorations at the office!


denis darzacq

Louise by *islandtime

STOP THE WAR color by *Rob-Meyers

by #hq

:music: Creative expression through music!

Before there was deviantART, Co-Founder and CEO Angelo Sotira, aka :devspyed:, founded a music community called Dimension Music, or DMusic.  As music is one of many avenues of artistic expression, creating deviantART as an outlet for the visual arts seemed to follow suit.  However, music has always been near and dear to :devspyed:’s heart.

That’s why when Southern California radio station KCRW asked :devspyed: if he’d like to participate in their Guest DJ Project, he jumped on the opportunity.  KCRW’s Guest DJ Project invites an array of cultural icons to share and dis

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color me red by ~MayaPrincess

Poison Ivy - Watercolor and PS by ~taguiar